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Caring for Orphans and Widows
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About Us

About Solace Ministries 

Solace Ministries is a Rwandan charitable organization established by Jean Gakwandi in July 1996 following the Genocide of 1994, and has a vision to comfort widows and orphans. 

Today, the survivors of the war and genocide are still struggling to re-establish their lives. Hundreds of widows and orphans have been comforted and given a restored desire to live through the work and projects of Solace Ministries. Hundreds of others have overcome feelings of hatred, anger and resentment. Most of the beneficiaries of Solace Ministries have lost their entire families but have come to find an alternative family through the large family at Solace Ministries. 

We have a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the widows and orphans; these include Counseling & Evangelism, Childcare & Development, HIV/AIDS & Health programs, Farming associations and Supportive programs (seminars & workshops). 

Our projects are all aimed at improving the lives of widows and orphans and in turn the country as a whole. 
Solace Ministries intends for the projects to be pragmatic, exciting, informing and a pre-cursor to similar projects like these being developed in more areas of Rwanda and hopefully other African countries.


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